Equipment of Neox Q15 Race is:

· New weight distribution which improves the car´s speed and ease of driving
· New front end with new geometry and lower center of gravity.
· Ability to mount the exhaust on the right or left side of the car.
· New front uprights with offset pivot.
· Hard roll bars with easy adjust in the front of bulkheads
· Two possibilities to change the front wide.
· Two systems of progressive brakes with calipers "Big MAc Piston" and composite disc with ABS design.
· Adjustable Racing Clutch with two red shoes and spring of 3.0 mm
· New clutch bell with FAN effect
· Rear self-locking diff Hybrid
· Carbon side reinforcement of 3 mm
· Balls of rod ends in aluminum
· New servo-saver with conic spring shims
· Front and rear shock supports in carbon fiber with new design
· Possibility of more inclination in the front shocks
· New rear shock absorber support with more points of inclination
· Shock springs red and blue
· Mobile ballast of 160 grams for chassis
· Easily upgradable to Quattro 4WD

Kit do not include:
· Engine
· Engine´s Air box
· Bodyshell
· Tyres
· Exhaust system
· Radio and electronics