Fuego TT12

the flying contrast
The Fuego TT12 is the last evolution of the Fuego Project started in 2007. This car shows as no other the philosophy of Contrast, to create a good base and constantly improve the small details that end up making the final result better.

This car was the first European Champion of the modality in 2010, the greatest competition that exists in the TT1/6, and since then we have kept on developing all its elements. We kept the engine tilted to make the flight and landing in the jumps better, we reinforced the suspensions to improve their endurance, we retouched the weight to improve its traction, and we polished the geometry to increase the agility in curve.

The Fuego TT12 is a versatile car, probably the most versatile one. Outstanding in dry and dusty tracks, the best when it comes time to fly in the jumps, with no rival when the track gets wet and the fastest on artificial grass. There is no other so good in all fields.
The mechanic concept is based on the following points: 

RESISTANCE There is an essential concept in the 4WD: resistance. No other point is more important. The changes the Fire TT12 has received are mainly intended for improving the endurance of the shock absorbers and the front rear. The new shock absorbers with a 6mm axle and reinforced steel are a guarantee of resistance thanks also to the new design of bearings and o-rings that guide and seal the axle while moving. In the front axle the new steering rod arms receive 4mm screws and increase their size to support any blow or hit or strong landing. In the rear part the supports of the spoiler made of aluminum function as a security arch protecting the shock absorbers and rear suspension.
6mm SHOCK ABSORBERS One of the biggest advances of the TT12 is its new shock absorbers with an axle 6mm thick. They have been totally redesigned in the area of the axle to improve the adjust of the O-rings and to assure the sealed of the shock absorber in any land condition. At the same time, we have tried to improve the smoother running with new silicon o-rings and new friction bearings made of a special plastic that guide the new axle. All this allows a performance of a high frequency suspension that improves the general adherence, traction, jumps and performance in areas with a lot of potholes.
TRACTION AND ESTABILITY The variety of lands a TT car faces makes very difficult to define just an only concept ideal for everything. After several tests we have chosen the most versatile one for all situations. The new chassis of the Fuego TT12 is 15mm longer than the previous model and it keeps its capacity of flexion with its 4mm thickness and its side reinforcements that reinforces it. This combination improves the major weight load in the rear axle and therefore the traction when accelerating. The bigger distance between axles improves the rear stability but without losing the agility needed in the infield areas with small corners. Almost everything in the TT is a compromise and our new car proves to be outstanding in all fields thanks to its versatility.
LONG LIFE TRANSMISSION This is one of the areas that suffer most in a TT car. The continuous jumps and potholes together with the major traction and the most powerful engines require an unbreakable transmission system that bears blows, landings and slidings at the highest speed. The use of the best steels and the hardest technical coats in the Contrast Fuego TT12 guarantee an almost eternal life to all the transmission chain, from the waterfall of gears completely made of treated steel to the dog bones that reach the wheels with a special flexible steel that admits a certain twist in order to avoid breakings. All this has been studied and analyzed to reduce maintenance and make the life of the pieces longer, which turns into a bigger satisfaction of the driver.
ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION The Contrast Fuego has as standard a powerful exhaust developed by Ian Oddie that increases the total features but with a very smooth torque to facilitate driving and traction beside to increase the weight and traction or rear train. The engine is strongly joined to the chassis by means of five screws but it offers a great easiness to dismantle without the necessity of join optional fast change systems. A com-plete transmission ratio levels is offered in order that you can have the ideal working at any track only by changing one of the elements, pinion or gear. An adjustable clutch with four red shoes and soft spring of 2.8 mm is included in the standard kit. The clutch allow to do several configurations using harder springs of 2,9 and 3,0 mm, two or four shoes or to insert small screw inside the shoes as small ballast that change the reactions of the car when throttle.
EASY MECHANICAL ACCES The TT car, due to the hardness of the races, requires more frequent checks and maintenance than an asphalt car. It is in this TT12 model where the perfection of the Contrast mechanical concept is really made the most of it. The mechanical clarity and simplicity, the disassembling by blocks, the tricks applied in certain parts for an easy maintenance and disassembling become the maintenance tasks a true mechanical pleasure. This mechanical easiness allows solving in just a few minutes some problems that in other cars may mean a long-time reparation and perhaps the incapacity for taking part in a final. There is not a problem in the Contrast Fuego that cannot be fixed within the ten minutes just before a final.