Since the first Contrast design until nowadays, our cars and pieces have suffered numerous revisions and improvements. The Contrast cars are alive products that evolve and improve with new special pieces or with improvements of the original pieces.
Our improvements have three directions: to improve the competition features, to improve the mechanic access and to improve the resistance and coupling of the piece enlarging its lifetime.
Now we present you the ultimate improvements and optional pieces that can be assembled in any Contrast and in many other 1/5 cars that want to enjoy the Contrast “touch”.

you can download the complete catalog of our products in the following link:

170229 One Way for Quattro With this One Way system, we can disconnect the transmission at the moment of braking and make the front and the rear brakes independent by substituing the Quattro front pulley, which allows adjusting in a separated way and also to adjust the front/rear braking balance. An essential piece in order to compete with the Quattro car.
151074 Front upright for Neox Q This upright designed for the Neox Q can be installed in all previous Contrast models, improving thus the front agility and the speed in small corners thanks to its axle displaced
150280 Double piston brake caliper kit This caliper is a sample of the continuous evolution of Contrast. It offers a better performance due to a minor servo pressure, minor wearing out and a more stable and lasting braking. A small change for a lot of advantages. Designed to be assembled in other car brands too.
290XXX Update kits The evolution strategy of our cars enables any previous model to be updated to a more modern version or even to the most recent one, by means of several upgrade kits with reference 290XXX and very reasonable prices. With these kits your car will always have the latest technology with the most recent Contrast developments.
170154 Kit servosaver for Quatttro and Q The servo saver is a very important piece in a car, and it is usually a quite forgotten piece, left with an insufficient tension. We have created this new model with conic washers making the function of spring that offers the right tension and opening at the right moment. It can be adapted to all Contrast models.
151005 Kit to place the pipe on the right side This kit allows assembling the pipe to the right or to the left side of the car. Depending on the sense in which the car turns, having the pipe in the inner side of the main track is very beneficial for the car’s balance and also to avoid overturnings at high speed. A technical advance exclusive by Contrast.
151001/4 Chassis Neox -3 mm The last chassis created for the Neox and Neox GS cars. It has some areas milled at -3mm in order to reduce the complete gravity centre of the car. It improves the output of the car, especially at high speed, and the ease of driving.
170059 New front upper wishbone Designed for the Quattro and the Neox Q, it can be adapted to all the previous Contrast cars. Its mid length allows using all the holes of the front upright, taking advantage of the adjustment possibilities of the Contrast cars.
151081 Hi Grip rear upright Kit This upright from the rear axle modifies the inclination of the lower wishbone and therefore the roll center of the car, increasing the temperature of the tyres and the general grip of the rear axle. An ideal piece to improve the car’s performance in very cold conditions, sliding tracks or rain.
150266/1 Brakes filling kit Keeping your brakes in perfect condition will be a quick task thanks to this kit. Thought to fill the bomb from the calliper recovering thus the oil through the bomb cap. The new brake fluid has been selected by our competition team due to its great resistance at high temperatures. As it does not get expanded due to the brakes and pipe heat, the braking keeps stable avoiding thus the bad effect of the brake that changes its performance while getting hot.
150202/8 Clutch shoes It is made of a very special reddish material, with a great resistance to very high temperatures. Ideal to use in competition and in hard conditions of temperature and grip. They can be used in two units as aggressive clutch “two shoes” or in four units to get a easy and soft power delivery, good for off road or rainy days in asphalt.
150081 Wheel cubes with safety pins To avoid the breakdowns of the rim from the heat or the great power of the engines the wheel cubes with these two safety pins are the best solution. They fit all tires in the market.:
Available with cubes of 10,5 mm, 12,5 mm and 12,5mm in steel
151064-065 Lower rear wishbones Higher stiffness and ease of adjustment of the rear toe in and better control of the rear train when accelerating. Only significantly loosening one hexagonal screw you can set the toe in.
Weight ballast (nº 150015, 150016 and 150016/1) Contrast offers you three models. The weight of 260 grams, 190 grams and 100 grams will allow you to make any combination and vary notably your car’s working according to the track conditions, putting forwards or backwards the gravity centre. Its design and shape allows concentrating much weight in a small place. Its ingenious placement in the chassis allows modificating its position acceding quickly from the bottom and without dismantling any element of the car.
300010-011-012 scresw "small head" for rod ends These screws with a reduced head especially made by us are inserted inside the ball joints that fix the uprights, a solid solution, light and neat. There are three different lengths to choose, 14mm, 16mm and 20mm.