Neox Q15

The compatible champion
Name Contrast Neox Q15
Material Alluminium 7075 T6, steel and  Carbon fiber
Drive 2WD rear axle
Max lengh 890 mm
Max. front wide. 395 mm and 355 mm, selectable using different wheel cubes
Max. rear wide 395 mm
Wheelbase 530 mm
Total weight without ballast 9,900 kilos
Differential Hybrid self-locking adjustable
Clutch Contrast adjustable with 2 red shoes, spring 3.0 mm
Exhaust system No provided in the kit, Able to place in left or right side
Ballast Four positions in the chassis, three possible weight of 100, 160 and 250 grams.
Brakes Hydraulic Contrast, independent front and rear with Master cylinder progressive, caliper Big Mac and discs with ABS effect
Fuel tank 700 cc
Geometries Completely adjustable
Suggested price 2290 euros version RACE; 2480 euros version MAXITUNING
(Suggested prices in Europe, not applicable to other areas)