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From Contrast we want to offer a complete service to all the users of large scale and for this we have selected the best products of third branches to complete our catalogue range so that our clients find the best selection of accessories in our offer.
Our long experience on races has allowed us to select a series of high quality industrial products, such as oils, greases or tools essential in every competition team.
The products of this selection have been tested and approved in the hardest conditions by our competition teams and we suggest them to you with total knowledge and experience.

Abbate Engines One of our main distributions. Abbate and Contrast work together since 2007, when they were less popular than nowadays. Since then Abbate has won two World Championships (one of them with Contrast), dozens of national championships and the fact of being acknowledge as the best brand of engines for large scale. Fast engines, flexible, with high power at any rpm range and safe and reliable above all. They have everything and that’s why they are the best.
Zenoah Engines Contrast is an authorized distributor of Zenoah Co., the world leader branch in automodel engines of large scale. Our philosophy is that one of offering the users of Zenoah the best distribution of these powerful engines and a quick and complete technical assistance in spare pieces and advising and formation.
Zenoah engine has proved to be the ideal complement for our cars. It’s hard, light, reliable and simple. Zenoah engines are the standard parts common in all the large scale cars.
Servos Savox The servos faithfully transfer the movements of your hands to the car control. Combining the best possible performance with maximum operational safety is something that only get the best brands like Savox. Any small failure in a servo can mean an accident and an expensive breakdown of the car. For that reason, and after several track tests, our competition team recommends Savox. With its last high power and speed models, they have known to offer the better features needed for large scale cars and doing it with an outstanding working quality, with a high foolproof safety and with a price lower than their competitors with same quality.
Aluminium servo arms The small quality details avoid big problems that can make you lose a race. A powerful servo requires a solid and hard arm, like these aluminum arms. Available for all models of servo in the simple arm or double arm format.
LiFe Batteries After long time searching for the perfect battery, the advancement of the technology has provided with the solution. The Life batteries with hard elements A123 made in USA are the best thing we have tested through our lives of hobby users. Batteries with 60C mean a high discharge power feed four powerful servos, with 2500 mah which provide with 3.5 uninterrupted hours at maximum and 6,6 volts to obtain a small extra from your servos. But the best thing is its charge intensity at 1C, that is, at 2500 mah to put them full speed in less than an hour. They are the ultimate solution.
Carbon spoilers High competition technology of real cars also reaches our automodels and the ultimate advances in aerodynamics can be seen in our carbon fibre ailerons.
Rear spoilers of a great surface with an inverted wing outline, solid structure and very light weight to exploit the air force and get a good quantity of “down force”, which is translated into a best performance of the rear axle at a high speed.
Lightscale products In our catalogue we offer you the accesories of this well-known German brand especializad in air filters for touring cars and F1, spoilers, tyres and bodyworks for F1 and Tools for the chassis adjustment.
Twin Air filter for Offroad The filters of this well-known motocross brand can be also used in our TT cars for the best protection of the inside of your engine. We have a selection of filters, dust covers, bases and other protective layers that will keep your engine flawless even in the dustiest tracks.
Engine oil SIL Kart The high r.p.m achieved by the competition engines require a very special lubricant that keeps working beyond 20,000 r.p.m. The 100% synthetic oil for the Sil Kart mixture offers this protection and the maximun lubrication at the hardest conditions, but without the important carbon remains typical of castor oils. The best oil for those who don’t like opening and cleaning the engine after every single race.
Cleaner AD and other oils The AD cleaner is one of our most appreciated discoveries. Colourness and odourless, it’s like water but it cleans all: greases, rubber remains, oil, petrol, fuel tanks, etc. There should always be one or two in your toolbox.
NGK spark plugs The engine’s light depends on the spark plug’s quality and each spark plug has its moment. The broad catalogue of NGK spark plugs offers us a model of spark plug and a temperature grade for any occasion; from the resistant and economic NGK CR7 suitable for any situation to the high level platinum spark plugs (NGK CR8HVX) or iridium (NGK CR8HIX) thought for the high revolutions of the competition and for much adjusted engines.

The innovative spark plugs with precious metals such as Platinum or Iridium are specially developed to assure the starting in the most extremes operative conditions, offering the following advantages:
The platinum and the iridium allow using a very thin central electrode, reducing the needed voltage for the starting and getting thus an absolute certainty in the start.
Given the shape of the electrodes the sparks get in a better way the mixture , obtaining a more stable combustion.
The electrodes present an extraordinary resistance to erosion and high temperatures, making the wear and tear slower.
Hand Tools In every large scale toolbox there are some tools that cannot be missed. They are the most used ones, the ones that spoil your day if you forget them or they got broken. We have selected the best tools for you from the best industrial suppliers, tested at National, European and World championships.
AMB trasponder Globally used for the control of competitions and the laps counter, every driver who competes must have at least one in order to be in the classifications. Continuing with our aim of offering you whatever needed for your hobby with just one supplier, we offer you the AMB trasponders in our catalogue, as well as the rest of AMB products. Ask us if you want some more complex product of this brand, such as its complete timekeeping systems.