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Contrast Neo prototype


I started the first Contrast Neo design in April 2003, without knowing very well what I was going to do, but having very clear in mind what I was NOT going to do. I wanted to avoid the numerous mistakes, defects and problems I found through all my life as a driver in other branch’s cars I’ve driven. I wanted a very light car, rigid and resistant where I could experiment with weight, where weight was underneath, a car which wouldn’t lose traction, and which could use tyres softer than the rest of the rivals….and overall, a car which were simple.

In June 2003 I presented in public the Contrast Neo’s first general designs, and during the rest of the year I spent my time detailing and redesigning one thousand times all the pieces of the car. At beginning of February 2004, two weeks before the first Spain Championship’s race in Seville, I put on the track the first prototype of Contrast Neo.

This car won the Spain Championship, getting 5 victories and a second place in 7 races. Here is when everything started.