to Contrast


Hello my friend:
Thank you for visiting our web and for getting interested about Contrast:
Contrast Racing was a Project I began in 2003 in Blanes, Spain, with great passion, much energy and quite enough thoughtlessness. Since then, all the team that forms Contrast haven’t stopped learning and improving our personal capacity and our performance as a team with the unique aim of improving our products and our brand.
We search for excellence every day since we wake up until we go to bed, we search for the greatest quality of our cars and we work to offer the client the best service in any part of the World. Every day we learn how to be a better company. Every day we improve our project.
We are a company that produces high technology using the most advanced methods: 3D CAD/CAM Design, high speed automatic multi-axle mechanization, Hi-tech materials, ultimate generation finish and technical coating…everything needed to get a selected and winning product.
But among such technology, our passion outstands, our red colour, our love for speed, for races and people who choose us…the love for our team.

I introduce you to the present Contrast Racing, as passionate as the first day, with the illusion of the first design, with the experience given by years and with some titles on our track record which we intend to increase. But most important, I introduce you to some cars and accessories of an exceptional quality which have been created in order to increase your happiness.
Enter our web, enter our team and feel at home.

Daniel Fuertes
President of Contrast Racing