Contrast works every day to offer its users the best products with the highest quality at the best price pos-sible. You can still check Contrast Racing brand remains the most economical among our highest-level com-petitors. That gives you better quality and lower cost. That is why we do not hide our official prices.
We introduce the new price list valid for 2014 in which includes new cars Neox Q and Contrast Quattro, their spare parts and other developments in accessories.
Then you can open or download the general list of references with photos and suggested prices for all products CONTRAST.

Last Update: January, 2014

These prices are only indicative and suggested. Contrast Racing reserves the right to modify at any time, inquire into the last rate in effectThese prices are for Europe. They can be different in different countries of the World due to transport costs, customs and currency exchange. These prices are in Euros