4WD for competition
In 2004 Contrast paved a new way in the great scale, we showed the world a different way of doing things. Today, nearly ten years later, we have done it again; we have paved a new way, a new era. We introduce you to the CONTRAST QUATTRO. The car the future begins with.
There are cars that mark a new time and this is one of them. This car will mark the lines of the future category of 1/5 4WD. It has taken us three years to plan and build this car because it is the first step towards a future new category.
The 4WD track category has a great future due to its ease of driving, its better performance at cold, rainy or snowy weather, its speedy, its stability when you deeply slam the gas pedal, its controlled skidding and because its better exploitation of the tyres makes it the most economic one. It was only needed a professional and advanced car like Quattro to give it its first impulse. Today the great scale is starting to write a new chapter of its history thanks to Quattro and 4WD.

The model Quattro 2015 is the latest evolution of Quattro 4WD in which we have worked dozens of small details to improve performance, mechanical work, power brakes and chassis balance.

The new features of the quattro 2015 are:
A new chassis with a 4th ballast housing under the front end
The new calipers "Big Mac piston" and disks of new special high temperature composite material.
The new fuel tank with fast top.
The new clutch bell with greater cooling
The new bodies damper with improvement for work setting
The new transmission plastic gear lightened by the new design
The mechanic concept is based on the following points: 

A competition 4WD Why? Because we needed it and felt it. Because it is the logic evolution all RC categories have followed. Because it is the car needed in cold weather countries and because watching it to speed up skidding the four wheels is indescribable. It is not the first large scale 4WD but it is the first that has been designed as a platform to evolve over in a future of 4WD competition.
Transmission by syncro belt The smaller scale categories have taught us the difference between the transmission through the belt and the transmission through dog bones. The belt system is clearly superior in asphalt, besides being lighter and cleaner. The position of the belt system on the left of the car moving the pipe towards the right was essential if we wanted a competition chassis with the minimum friction of the transmission.
The core of transmission The conceived double big gear and unique gear system is the core of the Quattro project. It is this design the one that has allowed us to create a strong 4WD transmission, light and versatile due to the numerous options this system offers us: to configure it as front traction or rear traction by just quitting one of the two big gears, or to use different ratios in the rear and front axle to control the car’s performance when speeding up. All this thanks to a simple and economic idea, but above all, effective.
The best of the Neox, the best of the 4WD When having a car in the catalogue that is a World Champion, not using it would be unimaginable. The Quattro takes advantage of the Neox’s researched rear axle and it incorporates a new designed front structure but without losing the well recognized and rewarded Contrast style. The best of the 2WD world joined to the new 4WD technology. It has got the fast change of differential, solid and fast convergence adjustment and some geometries that combine the high grip with the agility needed in competition and maximum traction.
Exhaust at right side? The placement of the belt system and the second big gear forces us to modify the location of the pipe, placing it at the right side. An obligation that has been favourable when we have distributed in a better way the different heat sources that were previously too concentrated in the rear left area, reducing thus the damaging effects of the high heat on the tyre and the shock absorber of that area. The best two pipe brands Mielke and Samba already have models of pipe adapted to the right side for the Quattro.
Front axle The greatest part of the designing work is concentrated on this point. The integration in such a small place of the servo saver of the steering with the transmission axle and its pulley, as well as the fast extraction of the front differential is a sample of the Contrast R&D and our advanced ideas. The front differential, pushed by a waterfall of gears similar to those of the rear axle, it is smaller but it has the same inner gears than the rear differential.
Front one way system The incorporation of a One Way system in the front pulley allows unplugging the transmission when braking, recover the independence among the front and rear brakes, and it allows to keep the same braking separated and adjusted as a rear traction car. The One Way disconnects the front axle of the transmission when braking but it also allows other experiments such as testing different relationships of change at the front and at the back without an axle pulls the other one.
Front drive joint The front drive joint has been deeply studied to assure their softness and long life. A 4 mm pin secures the transmission and at the same time an outer aluminium ring makes sure that this pin does never move from its place. The articulation has been placed in the interior of the upright to move the point of rotation of the upright and the dog bone closer, which is beneficial for the car’s stability and the performance of the transmission.
Gears on front differential Using gears in the front differential has got several mechanic advantages. We avoid problems and breaks of a front belt, we lose less power due to friction and thanks to the system of fast change of differential we can take it out in a few seconds for its maintaining or change of hardness.