In this section we show Contrast pieces that have been designed for other brands of cars. All parts of this list can be fitted and / or be used on other makes of cars to improve the result, resistance or performance of the original pieces.
150277 Progressive hydraulic brake kit This new kit of progressive brakes shows a step further in our R&D applied to automodel. Together with a vey light double piston caliper we present the first progressive master cylinder of the automodel. With two inner pistons, two possible springs and two models of limiter caps we obtain a master cylinder adjustable to the driver’s taste, both for those who want a powerful and aggressive bomb and those who prefer a soft braking, easily measurable. The discs made of epoxi fiber for high temperatures create an automatic antiblock effect (ABS) because of their especial shape and design. This Contrast brakes kit has been designed in a way that it can be adapted to different car models.
404109 Intake venturi With its inclination determined by a concrete angle, it extends with no variation the Venturi of the carburettor itself, which helps to increase the speed of the air intake and to reduce the air recession created by all the 2T engines, which reduces the waste and consumption of petrol, besides obtaining r.p.m. It acts by improving all the r.p.m range, but it is in the upper area where it is better observed, with an improvement of nearly 1000 r.p.m. Its diameter is the standard one and it is adjustable to most filters available in the market.
150207 Clutch bell, fan effect The new Contrast clutch bell offers a high quality of manufacture, an excellent material selected for its perfect coefficient of friction and a very low weight in the big open and lightened areas. As a great advance, it incorporates some inclined faces that, at high rpm, create a fan effect, drawing out the hot air of the clutch and removing it, creating a flow of coolant fresh air. As a last detail, it has a small channel to put a safety clip that avoids losing the transmission gear in case the screws get loosened.
150224 Autolock Hybrid differential The best of the friction and visco technology within the most powerful and lightest differential. From a non-existent lock to the highest friction and traction, only changing the couple of conic spring shims and the grease inside. Adaptable to any model of large scale.
150200 Universal adjustable clutch The ultimate technology of the Contrast adjustable clutch adapted to other branches’ measures. One of the secrets of the great traction and power of advance of the Contrast Neox is also available for the rest of branches. A tireless clutch with two shoes which are regulated from the outside by means of just one screw.
Suspension springs (nº 150110/1 to 150110/8) Designed for the special characteristics of the Contrast Neo but also ideal to improve the working of any other branch car. They are made of the highest quality and hardness steel, stabilized and rectified. Their design allows obtaining a suspension with a fast progressivity suitable to wheel very few millimetres far from the ground. 10 hardness available: white, yellow, orange, pink (new), red, soft blue (new), blue, violet, green and black.
801052 Tyre warmers for 220 wolts Another exclusive product by Contrast. Our tyres warmers do not require any power supply at 12 volts because they work by connecting them directly to a 220 volts socket. They keep the tyre stable between 60ºC and 80ºC and you can choose the colour among our range of red, blue or black. A professional and Racing product to enjoy the hobby both in summer and winter.
150111/X Silicone dampers oil The Contrast silicone oils have been created with a high quality water free silicone to get a stable performance with no damage even at high temperatures. The hardness range from 100 to 10,000 includes the most used ones in large scale as the whole range from 2000 and 10000 is in a scale of 1000 cps.
404110 Air box Contrast Race A simple airbox with the two most important characteristics for this piece: lightness and improvement of the engine features. Due to its placement at the upper part of the car, the best argument of our airbox is its low weight. In combination with our venturi 404109, it improves in a substancial way the engine response in all range or revolutions.
150064 Aluminium ball and socket joint This piece assures solidity and lack of clearances there where you assemble it. It can be assembled in multiple places in any large scale car due to its thread measures M8 and diameter hole of 5 mm. Its weight is the lowest in market and its ball and socket joint is interchangeable in order to get rid of it when it has clearances making the costs of maintenance cheaper.
150068/2 Spherical aluminum ball joints New spherical ball joints made of a really hard aluminum. They provide a great weight saving at the ends of the car and improve the softness of the joint with the plastic ball joint.
150097 Dampers fast supports set They are very practical pieces in competition because they allow assembling and disassembling the car’s shock absorbers in a few seconds only by taking a safety clip (novelty 2014) off. They can be assembled in other Large Scale cars.