Neox Q15

The compatible champion
With the appearance of the Quattro, our mail got full of messages asking about an actualization which allowed jumping from 2WD to the 4WD and vice versa. With the first tests on the track of the Quattro, and thanks to the novelties in the front geometry and the new distribution of the weights, we found out that the Quattro would also be a great two drive wheels car. It had the best from the Neox GS World champion, it had the novelties we had been developing for a while and it included all our users’ latest demands, such as some front anti-roll bars with a better access. With few changes and in few days we designed the 2WD version of the Quattro and we have named it Neox Q.

The Neox Q is our weapon in the classical modality of 2WD Touring car large scale, he is the substitute of the unforgettable Neox GS and it is a step forward regarding its competition services, but it is also a car easily convertible in Quattro 4x4 by means of an improvement kit. It is two cars in one. It can be a 2WD one week, and a 4WD the following one. For not being left out of any modality.

The model Neox Q15 is the latest evolution of Neox Q in which we have worked dozens of small details to improve performance, mechanical work, power brakes and chassis balance.
The new features of the Neox Q15 are:
A new chassis with a 4th ballast housing under the front end
The new calipers "Big Mac piston" and disks of new special high temperature composite material.
The new fuel tank with fast top.
The new clutch bell with greater cooling
The new bodies damper with improvement for work setting
The new transmission plastic gear lightened by the new design

In the Neox Q there are more novelties that are seen at first sight:

2,5mm advanced engine With this change that affects to the distribution of weights we look for a greater agility in the most REVIRADAS parts of the track. 2,5mm are not a lot, but when you already have a champion chassis the changes have to be very slight. The new disposition of the engine is closer to the gravity centre of the car and it reduces the inertia moment, which improves the car’s turning capacity, without damaging the great traction for which all models of Neox are known.
We come back to the 350 mm chassis The several changes in the front geometry and distribution of weights searching for a greater aggressiveness in the twisted areas asked for a longer chassis which facilitated driving in fast curves. The joint of the new distance between axles and the major aggressiveness in the geometry give as a result a winner combination, very easy to drive.
More weight at the front axle One of the things we learnt in the Neox saga is that the front weight is beneficial; it facilitates driving at high speed and gives more speed in the twisted and slow areas. With the Neox Q we slightly increased the weight of the front structure, which gives us a wider margin to work freely with the ballasts at the time we make the most of the advantages of this new weight distribution. Another of these small and slight changes that turn a good car into a Champion one.
New front geometry At Contrast we have been working for a long time in a new front geometry more agile that wears out in a smaller way the front tyres and that catches the close curves better. Apart from new lower wishbones, the new geometry allows to tilt more the shock absorbers for exceptional cases such as very adherent tracks as a European Championship or a World Championship. The use of wheel cubes of different measures also allows varying the wideness of the front axle. These are detailed adjustments conceived for the highest competition and for the drivers who want a total control over their chasis.
Pipe at the right side or at the left one We launched this novelty as a surprise in the World Championship in 2011. Contrast was the first car that offered the possibility of changing the position of the pipe to the left side or to the right depending on in which sense the track moves so that the weight of the pipe can get placed at the inner part of the main track balancing thus the chassis in a better way. This option is already by default in the Neox Q. A step forward exclusive of the Contrast cars.
Absolute compatibility with Quattro 4WD It can be said that the Neox Q is the two driving wheels Quattro, they use the same scheme, the same structure and they share the 95% of their pieces. Therefore, to transform the Neox Q into a Quattro is as easy as to incorporate to it the front transmission kit we have available. With this kit you will have two cars in one and you will be able to choose in which category you are going to compete next weekend, 2WD or 4WD. For not being left offside.